Friday, August 31, 2012

Wake up to Yoga... Wake up to Life

This morning I set out to share a lively more upbeat session with you. 
Well... it's taken all day to work out a way to record it and put it up on You Tube... 
I'm not feeling so lively and upbeat now!
 It's great tho' to get back to the site and I hope that you will enjoy the practice. 
Please view the video first, and then go into it at your own pace. The standing poses are great for building strength and steadiness in the legs and back. You will feel more awake and ready for whatever wonders the day will bring.

Classes start back Sept 18th at the Institute of Psychosocial Medicine.
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  1. Terrilyn Delnick Thank you so much Sighle~~~I love this! ♥ you too...You rock! XXX

    1. Thank you Terrilyn,it's great to be able to reach out to you, and others around the world. xxx

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