Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Feed, Play, Love - Yoga

I often prepared for a class doing a practice like this one. I remember once my youngest son watched me from the window. He then came into the room and with a worried look on his face said " mum, I don't mind you teaching Yoga, but just tell me you don't do that in front of anyone !!! I am putting it up on a blog!!!

When you think of the word Yoga, what does it mean to you?
Some see Yoga as a means of turning the body inside out. Others think of it as a way of being calm and relaxed. To me, Yoga means to much more. This blog is an opportunity for me to introduce some personal gems from this timeless, multi faceted diamond like practice.

The word Yoga means yoke, something that holds, or brings together, so the practice of Yoga sets out to integrate and unite body, mind, and heart. I know the lack of Yoga, when I feel up" in bits", shattered or need to scream. However, ever a short practice draws my busy mind home to my living, ever changing body. The gentle slow movements encourage me to meet myself as I am in this moment and be nourished with compassion. It opens my bodymind to explore, and experiment with the boundaries, and limitations I set for myself. I remember what it is to play.

Over the years, I’ve chosen carefully Yoga training courses that focus more on nourishment, self respect, and enjoyment than physical strength and stamina. Contemporary Yoga introduced me to the freedom and joy of music and dance, another facet of the diamond. I love to prepare myself for the Asanas by moving freely to the beat of the drum (heart), and connect to the impulses and needs of my bodymind. A very important part of my own self care and nourishment is found in a weekly session of free movement with a dance community (Dublin Dance Co-Op).

In the above video Anna Halprin shares her love, and knowledge of dance with us. Still teaching at 85yrs, with a passion that has supported her through life's ups and downs, including a journey with Cancer.  Anna is truly an inspiration to us all.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Acupuncture - it's role in my Cancer treatment.

Mr Nicholas Power Lic.Ac.Dip.Ac H.Dip Psych.MHGI.

 I found Acupunture to be a great support to me over the last year. Nick Power gave me a treatment after each cycle of Chemotherapy, in the comfort of my own home. He has written this post explaining the role of Acupuncture in the treatment of Cancer.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Yoga- for when you feel like screaming!

I'm finding Radiotherapy a lot less difficult than Chemotherapy, however my mind is racing ahead of my body! I want to be busy, doing all the things I used to do, yet I know that my body is tired and needs rest.

Life is precious, and I want to be out there living it, resting can seem like a waste of time, instead of an investment! This internal conflict makes me want to scream!'s back to the mat, I'm using this 10 min. practice to safely release,and settle the anger and frustration I feel. No need to carry the weight of unresolved feelings into this wonderful new day.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Caring for nails - during Chemo


Helpful tip

Before I started Chemo I was made aware of the fact that my nails would grow very slowly. That they could darken, become brittle and crack. White lines could appear across them, and sometimes nails loosen and fall out. I took great care of my nails over that time, by oiling them each evening with Neem oil. I wore plastic gloves doing housework. However, with each cycle of Chemo my nails became more sensitive and painful. Now that it's over, two of my fingernails are coming away from the skin...difficult to manage, and very unsightly!!!

 At my last Chemo session, a nurse told me that if I had worn dark coloured nail varnish from the beginning it could have made a big differance. That sunlight
 effects the nails on Chemo. It's too late to save my nails, but I hope this tip will be of help to others.