Monday, April 4, 2011

Caring for nails - during Chemo


Helpful tip

Before I started Chemo I was made aware of the fact that my nails would grow very slowly. That they could darken, become brittle and crack. White lines could appear across them, and sometimes nails loosen and fall out. I took great care of my nails over that time, by oiling them each evening with Neem oil. I wore plastic gloves doing housework. However, with each cycle of Chemo my nails became more sensitive and painful. Now that it's over, two of my fingernails are coming away from the skin...difficult to manage, and very unsightly!!!

 At my last Chemo session, a nurse told me that if I had worn dark coloured nail varnish from the beginning it could have made a big differance. That sunlight
 effects the nails on Chemo. It's too late to save my nails, but I hope this tip will be of help to others. 


  1. Hi Mum, I hope you enjoyed the present of a manicure we gave you recently, we were worried your nails would be too sensitive for it but it seemed to go down well. It may be a good gift idea for anyone else too!

  2. The manicure was such a treat.I enjoyed choosing an up-to-date colour, and the finish lasted weeks! It marked the end of chemo in a colourful fun way! Sighle