Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Yoga - for stiff joints.


One of the effects of Chemotherapy has been a gradual stiffening up of the joints. It's only now that I'm really beginning to feel it. Join me in a gentle floor Yoga session, to help loosen up the body, and bring about greater flexibility and ease. Try using Ujjayi breathing (see previous videos) to deepen the practice. This session will help to create energy and vitality for the day ahead. Do allow yourself 10-15 mins. of Savasana (relaxation) to complete the session. Enjoy.


  1. Hi Sighle,
    This is a brilliant inspiration.

  2. Sighle, it is so wonderful that you are providing this blog as a resource for us all. I look forward to following it in the future. Yours in healing, Marie

  3. Thank you David, I'm so glad to hear it is reaching out to new students. Do let me know how you get on with your own practice. Sighle

  4. Thanks Marie, for your continued support.I find your blog so helpful to my own recovery. Sighle

  5. Thanks for the video. I´d like to reccoment that you take a look at our yoga retreat in Spain for a place to heal in nature from €25 per day

  6. Thank you for your interest in the blog. A trip to Spain sounds wonderful. I'll keep an eye on your site,